Composer Application : Introduction

How Composers Edition Works

The Composers Edition model is essentially very simple:

composers edition

Dan Goren's Composers Edition has finally provided both the professional composer and the music community in Britain and worldwide with the unbiased publishing platform that was long due. The extraordinary expansion rate of Composers Edition in the past three years is but a stunning evidence of the importance of Composers Edition's work and vision in the current scene of British and European contemporary music.
John Palmer, CE Composer

  • Composers provide their own editions of scores and parts.
  • Composers Edition promotes and offers these scores and parts for sale in print, bound in quality branded covers and download at market-beating prices.
  • The composer retains complete control over your works including 100% copyright and 100% royalties.
  • The composer get a return of 20% of the UK retail price on printed document sales and 30% of the UK retail price on digital download sales, any part of which you can also choose to pass on to valued customers.

Composers Edition is aimed exclusively at professional composers, solely on the basis of demand.  It is only open to composers who can demonstrate an active professional practice through current and/or projected demand for their work. 

Composers Edition offers professional music publishing the twenty-first century way.  It allows composers to take control of the distribution and promotion of their works and benefit from the reputational inclusiveness in being part of a group of successful composers.  On top of all this composers are able to generate income from sales and save on both production costs and time.